Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nina Ricci RTW Fall 2010 -Raw and Vintage

Anything that involves pencil skirts, high waists, or beautiful coats, I am smitten with it all! Nina Ricci's RTW (ready-to-wear) Fall 2010 line is a product of my desires and I hope yours as well!

I love the idea that many of the outfits are elongated and narrow.  The fabrics are nonetheless luxurious, yet the silhouettes are a reflection of the economic environment where designers use less materials in hopes to cut cost. During the 1930's-1940's, many silhouettes were the same, narrow, less layers, and a shorter hem line.
Here are my favorites out of the collection!

Blair Crimmins & the Hookers featuring Davina and the Harlots! (late posting!)

   September 29th was an epic night. Loading in at 6pm with suitcases of costumes, props, and champagne the night had begun.  Four amazing ladies pulled their resources, talents and good looks to embarke the most AMAZING night at Star Bar (Atlanta Ga).

   Blair Crimmins and the Hookers were playing the last day of their month residency at Star Bar and the  theme was Cabaret! With a gorgeous MC Davi D'lish introducing, Mona VaVOOM, Savvy Gold, and yours truly Lucy Lipstick we kicked off the night!

   There were Huge boobs! Small boobs! Diamonds, Garters, Gloves, Big Spenders, Utters, Demons, Hula girls, Flappers, Drunk sexy Russian dancer, Coin Operated Boy, oh and a good lookin' audience!!!!
The place was over capacity on a Wednesday! Star Bar employees were astounded, the band was blown away and the crowd LOVED us! 

For those who missed the show here are some pictures from the night and here are the links to some of the numbers! Opening!     Boobs!    Coin operated Boy Number    Bee Sting Number

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feel the softness!

I had the privilege to work with Jason Maris on a photography shoot for a Kleenex promotional campiagn.
Along with Jason, I worked with two stylist Anita Jan Temple and Fawn Ortega. These ladies were AmaZing! I had such a great time working with them.  : - D

This was a fantastic two days! We had an assortment of models different ages and demographic groups and dressing them in warm winter clothes was such fun. There was plenty to keep myself busy. Dressing models, confirm their outfits with Studiocom folks, and help keeping them Gorgeous on set, keeping the wardrobe selection tidy and Repeat! 

I also had some great meals cooked by Chef Brett and had my first Banana Fosters! Yum.

Be sure to lookout on for these great pictures in the winter!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happily overwhelmed

I have so much to write about it is insane.
 I will soon catch up on my blog once I am back from Europe and Settled in Atlanta.

 All I have to say right now is hard work pays off and I am so excited for what is next.

More Coming Soon!

-Morgan Lee

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tights are the new pants right?

Lately I have been experiencing the sight of tights, knit tights,  and spandex replacing where pants once had dominated...... Your legs!

 Tights are great for just about any outfit you wear. I myself like put on tights when wearing a short hemmed skirt or dress. You can still look sexy without feeling over exposed.

Now I maybe preaching to the choir, but here are a few things that you shouldn't do with tights:
  1. If they are see through when you stretch the tights out, they WILL not cover you bum. Yes ladies,  I always know color of underwear you have on when you wear tights as pants. 
  2. If you are wanting to slim your silhouette, tights ALONE does not do the trick. I can see all that jiggles in tights. 
    • Alternative: Match tights with a flirty skirt, dress, or a pair of shorts to direct the attention to your waistline, long legs, or your amazing booty, (just not see through clothes, leave it for pj parties). 
    • Alternative: get some Spanx, or any slimming tights. These aren't usually see through and keeps your "jiggles" in place.
  3. If you are going to wear a long t- shirt with tights, stick with knit tights! Nylon tights are more translucent then knit tights.
Now there are some blurred lines when it comes to dance events, performances in the Lindy Hop/Jazz world, but here is my solution... BLOOMERS! Honestly, they are perfect with any short, flying, crazy, oh my gosh what is she wearing skirt/dress. If your bum is relatively covered you are in the green.
Burlesque performances are in another realm and hopefully will write a blog about that soon!

Lastly, if you are unsure, ask your friend,
" Hey, can you see my underwear through these tights?" 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Utterly Excited and Slightly Scared

I am on the road for graduation! In 4 months I will be a graduate with a complete portfolio, an even better resume, AND have the chance to study abroad for two weeks!
  I never thought college would be so time consuming and difficult to finish, but now that it is almost over I feel that I have been educated and equipped with most of the tools I need for a world outside of school. Though I have plenty of opportunities ahead of me, I can't help but worry.
"Am I going to get a job I like?" 
"Am I going to get a job at all? "
I find myself everyday looking at jobs, seeing if some company is still offering what I am searching for.
"I constantly ask myself am I doing enough?"
"Have I called enough people?"
"Can I make my resume any better?"
"Who do I need to know to get the job I want?"

I am a planner. Not always an organized planner, but in most cases I like having a plan. There is only so much you can do when looking for a career. You can't "plan" that a company will hire you. This drives me crazy, but that is something I can't control so what should I do?
apply, network, apply, network...... Finding the time to do so? Not to mention that I do not have a completed portfolio right now, nor is my resume updated at all.... (Panic!)

With all of this, I try to keep one thing in mind:
Anytime that I have worked hard for a goal, I eventually achieve that goal.

Then I take a deep breathe and write it down. Getting your thoughts out really helps. :)

Here is my TO DO LIST for Morgan Kestner's career steps
  1. Get a website
  2. Create a Theme for Morgan Kestner as a brand 
    1. What can morgan do for you?
    2. pattern making, illustrations, costume design, fashion design, styling,etc
    3. PUT THIS TOGETHER IN A cohesive manner
  3. Work on my portfolio.
    1. Make time for this EVERY WEEK.
    2. Borrow a good Camera, set up a photo shoot for my designs
    3. FINISH any Designs that are incomplete, make time for this.
  4. Work on my Resume
    1. Develop a new theme for my resume
    2. Update on Fashion Experience
  5. Make connections with people
    1. Talk to friends who are or know someone in the fashion industry.
      1. Send friends your resume to pass it on
  6. Make Business Cards
    1. Develop a theme that says "Morgan Kestner
  7. Develop a market
    1. Costume Designer for Productions, Dance Troupes, Entertainment businesses.
  8. Get CS4 on her computer. 
  9. Apply for jobs, send out resumes to any theater production in Atlanta, follow up.
  11. Oh and graduate. That part is very important. :)
This has been in my mind for a bit. Now I have to follow it!

 If anyone has advice to offer or even if you know any company looking for a fashion design and merchandising graduate, please let me know!